So today I herd on the radio that people should keep there fuel tanks filled up past halfway at a minimum because of a nuclear attack by north Korea… Really? People are starving and homeless… do you think they care about fueling up vehicles. Besides, no way are people going to be able to drive anyways once the natural or man made disaster hits areas like Los Angeles. We cant even go 7 miles each day without going through 45 minutes of grid-locked traffic.

I worked at a place that had FBI agents on-site… they were the first responders to any nuclear, biological or other attack. They said that the harbor would be the most probable ground zero other than downtown. And the evac site was in the valley. They had designs made up of cargo and passenger trains taking people from outside the blast radius to “temporary camps” in the high desert areas. Yup, Armageddon, Big City style. They said there biggest concern was the amount of people with home grown arsenals. How do you force people to get on trains even with a military presence when the people have weapons? A group of ultra survivalists actually have taken over entire neighborhoods – they currently have recorded maps of who has swimming pools and generators in there homes within surrounding neighborhoods. Those who are not part of the ” Neighborhood Camp” will be instant adversaries – sure to succumbed to mob justice. For the most part, they predict that people are just going to “stay put”, hold the ground your on. No way your going to get out of the city by vehicle…

Some days I wish it would happen. Go ahead and let the rockets fly… blow the shit up and see what grows from it. A way of thinning the herd. Life will survive or it wont. But it would sure show how insignificant our current busy “fake” lives matter. Find a real purpose called survival. Think of a world that would be unplugged from everything. Who would know if the rest of the world was untouched or was reduced to a slate of black glass?

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