Sunday’s are for church and resting, HA. I have shards of memory attending church when I was young. But after my step-dad got caught with the neighbor lady, and my step mom was throwing him out, and the same time she felt it was time to tell me about who I was (Age 11), He stopped going to church for many, many years. I stopped too and have not returned. I think he shammed himself away or just didnt believe anymore in all of the hypocrisy. Nope thats not it, because he returned to his religion when he was in his 60s until he died at 79.

I have struggled with the whole religion issue. At a very young age I questioned the whole “Forgive your sins” deal. When I was beaten starved and yes some molestation also occurred, Monday through Saturday but how would Sunday all of a sudden become a day that I felt was the most difficult to be in. Who were these people?

I was told that the “Family Ghost”,  or who I later found out was supposed to be my real mothers spirit, was the thing that would make me hurt or would break things in the house. But would never appear on Sunday. My step–mother was a demented person with a mind full of devilish knick knacks.

These things would not happen on Sundays. Because “ALL” was forgiven,as long as you didn’t fuck up on Sundays.

Thats why Saturdays were like an all day long orgy of drinking and perversion until the final curtain would come down with a slap or kick by the step-father but not just on the boys but on occasion the step-mother would be the receiver of his “love” as well.

But “All” was forgiven on Sundays.

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